It’s no secret we love using StoryBrand to make websites.

One of our sites was even recently highlighted in a list of 10 StoryBrand Website Examples (and Why They’re Great)

There’s a lot of great sites on that list, and you should check it out. Here are a few others that we’ve made too.

Each of these uses StoryBrand to make the message captivating and clear. Without it, the message would just get lost in confusion.

Vertical Computers Website

Vertical Computers Website

This website for Vertical Computers starts with a headline that hits directly at their client’s problem: Information Technology (IT) is stressful. They have a bold and specific call to action that reads “Schedule Free IT Consultation”. Further down the page, we take a look at their problem from a philosophical angle:

“Your time is valuable. We believe you shouldn’t waste it fighting with technology.”

Focusing right in on the problem a website visitor is dealing with is key to captivating their attention and turning them into customers.

Cutting Edge Catering

Cutting Edge Catering Website

Since overhauling this website, Cutting Edge Catering has consistently received quality leads nearly every day. Clear messaging works. When you’re looking for catering, chances are a statement like, “Late Food Ruins Events” is going to hit home.

Cutting Edge Catering lives up to the messaging on their site with tons of high quality reviews, so we highlighted those throughout.

The three big success items we chose to highlight at the top of the site are:

  • Great-Tasting Food
  • Stress-Free Experience
  • Happy Guests

Who wouldn’t want each of those things for their event?

Quality Electric

Website Mockup

Quality Electric is Idaho’s largest electrical contractor, and they do incredible work. Their website needed to highlight a wide range of services without sacrificing clarity. StoryBrand helped by allowing us to focus in on the main problem their customers are facing.

Once we zeroed in on that, the rest became clear. We touched on their commitment to doing a great job the first time and used that as a point of empathy.

“We understand. It’s frustrating when a job isn’t done right the first time.”

Everything from their footer to their “Get a Quote” page reminds visitors that when they work with Quality Electric, they get quality service.

Each of these sites benefited from clear messaging. When your message is consistent, people listen.