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Hey I’m Daniel, Marketing Strategist here at Surefaze Design. I’ve helped businesses sharpen their marketing and grow their business. During our call we’ll talk through the marketing challenges you’re facing. The best part? I won’t bother you with lousy followup calls… because nobody likes those.

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the easy, step by step website overhaul plan

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The Easy, Step by Step Website Overhaul Plan

What’s included

  • Advice for clarifying your website’s purpose

  • The most common pitfalls to avoid

  • Help creating your own overhaul plan

  • Helpful website overhaul worksheet sections

  • Step-by-step guide for a successful website overhaul


Overhauling your current website is no small task. It’s a decision that carries a lot of weight, and can either be the best part of your year, or an expensive regret. Successful website launches all have the same thing in common. They have a plan and a tried and true method to go with them. This guide gives you the tools to make your own website overhaul a total success.